We have a new website – www.dongshinenglishservice.com

Sunday 21st – A group of 30 people crowded the Dongshin cinema (Rm302) in the afternoon to enjoy ‘The Encounter” and ate 25 bags of microwave popcorn!  Afterwards, they participated in “The Encounter” movie trivia with Danni, Suzanne and Carly showing their recall prowess and winning the major prizes.

This Sunday 28th, you will be able to register for the Kyrios Conference on October 7-9

Senior Pastor James Lee from La Jolla Church (California, USA) is our guest speaker



Cost is 60,000 won for 3 days (75 spots available) including food and accommodation

or 40,000 for 1 day on Saturday (50 spots available)

Buses will be available during selected times but you must reserve a ticket (cost is 10,000)

Registration forms will be available to fill out next week but will not be valid until payment has been received. (once received, there will be no refunds). Look for the flyer at church for more information.

IAAF World Athletic Championships

Also on the 28th, we need a group of volunteers to help give away water bottles at World Cup Stadium between 6pm-8pm to people attending the athletics. There will be many international people around town as well so please make them feel welcome in Daegu.

Next Sunday, we will be taking up the monthly special offering to use for additional activities not supported by the church budget. Please pray and place any offerings in the separate envelope on Sunday.

Are you a technical whizz? We need someone to assist with the Audio/Visual area and you would need some proficiency with computer/audio/video technology. Can you please see Pastor Andy if you can help?

Are you a people person? We need small group leaders for September to help other believers understand the bible better and connect with people on a deeper level. Full training will be given, we just need willing people to serve the Dongshin Community. You can email Chris and Emily Donald at chrisjamesdonald@gmail.com if interested.


We have a new website – www.dongshinenglishservice.com

On the 7th, we had our communion service which is always a great time to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. Pastor Andy Gilman spoke about the effect of grace:

The effect of grace on the life of Paul (Acts 21:1-36)

1 Cor 5:10 Grace has effects on the life of the believer

Effect 1 The courage to live and die for Christ (Acts 21:10-15)

a) Nothing to lose and everything to gain (also Galatians 1:13)

Effect 2 The humility to submit to authority for the sake of loving others (Acts 21:20-25)

b) Nothing to prove but everything to give

Effect 3 The faith to rest on Jesus and nothing else

c) Nothing to hope in but everything that Jesus did

Grace gives you faith when you don’t have enough faith on your own

Next Sunday 14th, we have a guest speaker ‘Dash Watt’ who will be sharing the message.

Also, we have our Prayer and Worship night on Saturday (13th) from 7-8:30 in Rm503.

On the 21st, plan to stick around after church (4pm) for a movie night and we will be screening

“The Encounter” so check out the website http://pureflix.com/trailers/index.php/new-releases/the-encounter.html

for the synopsis and trailer. Invite your friends and colleagues. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Finally, if you are involved in the organization of the Kurios Conference in October, we are having a meeting on the Sat 20th Aug at 1pm in church.

August update

Welcome to the second summer of Daegu, don’t you love the rain and the humidity combined! We hope you are keeping cool and look forward to seeing you on Sunday. We have some activities this month that require prayer and attendance so read on:

Communion is this Sunday Aug 7th

Prayer nights

Remember we have Prayer nights on Saturdays for a night of prayer from 7pm-8:30 in room 503 to pray for family, friends, Daegu and the church. This month, the focus is:

God calls us Hephzibah for the Lord delights in us just as “the bridegroom rejoices over the bride.” (Isaiah 62:4-5)  Our prayers and intercessions are energized and strengthened when our hearts are fueled by the love of Christ.   Join us as we seek greater impartation of His love as we pray and intercede.  7:00pm, Room 503

Call to Worship

Psalm 96:1-4

“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth.  Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.  Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.  For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods.”

Every second and fourth Saturday will have a time of worship as well as prayer.

Orphanage ministry

On Saturday Aug 6th, the kids are being taken to a swimming pool and bbq around Mt Palgongsan. We will meet at Shinsaengwon Orphanage at 1pm (near Ansim subway station) and join members from Daebong Church who are providing a bus. People are welcome to ride the bus with the kids and we are going to the Daebong Camp Retreat. After the bbq, there will be games, swimming (the water is cold) and then returning by 6:30 to the orphanage. This is a great chance to share the love of Jesus just by being there. If you are interested then please contact Eugene on 010-74851527.

The Hungary Mission Trip for 10 days has just started (Aug 1) and the team need your prayers for intercession

1) To have the love of Jesus and the same heart of God towards Hungarians

2) To meet Jesus personally and have the help of the Holy Spirit

3) To have a strong unity and focus on training and gypsy ministry

4) To stay healthy for the time there

Movie Night Aug 21st 4pm – Please invite your friends or work colleagues to church for this excellent story after the main service which will help you to share our faith and also give us a deeper understanding about Jesus.

Title “The Encounter”

Stranded in the middle of nowhere five strangers find themselves at a deserted roadside restaurant. An arrogant businessman, a lonely single woman, a couple on the verge of divorce, and a youthful runaway all come face to face with a diner owner who serves them more than temporary nourishment. This hospitable host is a certain Nazarene, who knows all of their secrets and possesses the answers to all of their problems – if only they would trust him.

Snacks and drinks provided – all welcome

Remember our new website is www.dongshinenglishservice.com

The annual duckboat race was held at Suseong lake and was well attended with about 30 people.  The atmosphere was fun as people took to the water and fortunately the weather was not too hot and there were hardly anyone else on the lake to impede progress during the race.  We had two groups battle it out on the lake with the rowboat pirates causing mayhem as well.

Well done to Adam and Shae who won the Duck-boat Race in the 1st round and congratulations to SJ and Gloria who won the 2nd round (after 5 years of trying)!!

Also, on Sunday morning, a group of around 20 went to Un Mun river which is south east of Daegu for a baptism service involving Carly and Laurentia.  This was a first for the Dongshin English Service and it was an honour and privelege to witness the next step of their spiritual journey.  Pastors Ken and Andy officiated and there is a short video on the facebook group “Dongshin past and present”.

Next week is the special offering which is alongside regular tithes and this will help us to support additional ministries such as the Kyrios conference, Hungary mission trip and the Orphanage ministry. Please pray for the people involved and think about joining us on Saturdays for a night of prayer from 7pm-8:30 in room 503 to pray for family, friends, Daegu and the church.

Laurentia said ” Thank you to everyone that came to Carly and myself’s baptism,in flesh or in spirit… This day will be marked in my heart forever and might be the single most important and wonderful day of my life-the day I said here is my life Jesus-and it is ALL YOURS. xxMay God bless you all.”

We have a new home so from now on, you can visit our new website to get all the latest information and knowledge about what God is doing with his people in Daegu.  That website again is www.dongshinenglishservice.com

God bless

Invite your friends to meet us at Suseong Lake, Dock 2 (near Dusan Intersection (두산오거리) at 5pm for some frolicking fun. Once again, we take to the lake in a race of endurance, persistence and God’s grace to circumnavigate in the fastest time.
Your fuel (food) will be your responsibility, too much and you can’t pedal, too little and you run out of steam.
Either way, we are there for a good time and not a long time.
Pray that God grants you the strength to pedal a good race, see Hebrews 12:1-2.
Signup on Sunday or on Facebook and get training those thighs. Directions will be available at church but it is easy to get to.

Well, yesterday we had to move the picnic indoors but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. About 50 people came to church and we ate and chatted for 2 hours. After that, we played taboo, charades and had a team quiz marathon.

Today at church, we had a special presentation by the teenagers and ministry staff who are going to Hungary for a missions trip in August.  They will visit gypsies in Hungary and share the gospel so please pray for them.

On Friday and Saturday, we have the “Empowering Relationships Seminar” which will be run by Leon and Santjie, cost 20,000 for lunch and materials. They have 1 or 2 spots available so act quickly and send an email to hexvallei@gmail.com

Next Saturday we have the intercessory prayer night in Rm 503 from 7.00-8.30 so see our facebook page for extra details.

On Sunday, we have Holy Communion led by Ken Nance and a special guest speaker “David Esler” who is Daniel’s father visiting from Israel to see his new grandson “Samuel”.  David has been a pastor and then trained as a guide for the holy sites in Jerusalem so he has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. We look forward to hearing both Ken and David share the word next week.

The orphanage ministry requires some volunteers for hanging out with the kids this Saturday (and 16th) from 2-4 near Ansim Station so if you can come, email Eugene on eugene.kunkle@gmail.com

Have a blessed week

Dongshin English Service (DES)